missing it.

It has been a while since I've felt the toxicity of my work station and the nature of my work itself. It's odd - though I miss those days when I need to speak straight english for the entire shift. *nosebleed*

Americans can really be nice to you. But if you start to mumble, and they feel you're not so sure about what you were saying, they'll eat you alive. Believe me, I've been there, done that, and its hard to get out of the situation.

Good thing is, if they like you, it's freakin' crazy how they'd express it. There are instances wherein they would even cry *you'll sense it*, and commend you for a job well done.

There's also a handful of callers who'll insist to speak with an American representative. Racist as we tag them, but it's they're choice. After all, life's a choice.

And as for hard customers, those who consider profanity as part of their language, we actually fight back without them knowing it. Using mute buttons would be the most popular type. But the funnier attack is to say: "in a moment sir/ ma'am, in a moment".

Did you actually get it? "in a moment" or should I say "inamo ment" haha... great tactic huh? silly me. *wink*


the GOLDEN ticket.

I got my GOLDEN TICKET for the upcoming back to back concert of Rihanna and Chris Brown live in Manila! I really can't wait to see this show. (At last hindi ko na kailangang magyoutube para lang tingnan paano magperform ng live si Chris Brown)

Whew! It's a dream come true for me. I'm one of those Chris Brown droolers. Haha* Who wouldn't like him anyway? He's SUPER HOT, way TOO HOT! And Rihanna's somethin' special. So for all of you guys who's not yet aware of the event, GO GRAB THE TICKETS! Its better if you can avail it earlier coz of the big discounts, I think they call it "the early bird promo". I got this ticket for 3090 php but after October 31st, the price will jump up to 5150php. You could just imagine the difference. See you there! =p



Just wanna post this picture on my blog. Though it's halfway, people who knows me personally would easily know who the guy is.

I'm just proud of this shot, 'coz took it. *haha*