While I rummage around, I thought I’m still dim-witted, knowing what the right thing is, but haven’t got the audacity to do so. I’m not quite sure if it’s me creating the problem, or it’s ME being the problem. The golden rule is: NEVER DATE A MODEL, or if you did, never ever and I mean, ever, get emotionally attached. It’s a loss-loss situation; you’ll probably end up just like me – confused.

It’s a pride boosting scenario when your colleagues drool over the guy whose standing next to you. Suddenly, the spot light’s on - you are the center of attention and unwittingly, you hear murmurs asking “Who’s that guy?” *wink*

It all started in a local bar – Eastwood City, QC – about September 2007 - “The Basement”. It’s just a typical luscious night out with my party mate, just wanted to chill out, perk up, get drunk, and move to the beat. It’s Saturday night! Everyone’s gone wild. All are dressed to impress Hotties to the left, Cutties to the right.

While booty shaking is everywhere, I suddenly felt a bang on my back and dang, it hurts! *Arrgghh….* I instantly turned my head and said “Ano ba yan?!” With all the smoke covering the dance floor plus the playful thumping of the dj’s mix, the guy, whom my party mate is eying minutes ago, looked me in the eyes and said: “Hi Miss, can we dance?” So on, so forth, the rest was history.

Come July 2008, I thought our relationship was UNTOUCHABLE. At that time, everything seemed just right, so right that you don’t want each other be out of sight- nobody can go in between. Like normal couples, we argue at times, due to indifferences and all that, nothing serious though. Until one day he left his cellular phone in my possession.

There’s no big deal about him leaving his phone with me, I mean, I answer his phone when someone’s calling, reads his sms’s at times, check his log’s per se. And I thought it’s all that.

It’s a normal sunny afternoon when his cousin, whom I treat as a sister, texted him with a simple message: “Kuya…” I don’t know what came to me but at that time, I tripped and pretended to be him. The conversation seemed normal and smooth until the blood of curiosity impelled in my system….
I asked about my boyfriend’s so-called ex girlfriend, and this is how the conversation seemed to look like…

ME: “Nagttxt pb sau c …..?”
HER: “Minsn nagttxt ng quote, bkt kua?”
ME: “Wla lng, my kylngn kze aqng kunin sa kanya, kelan pb cia huling nagtxt sau?”
HER: “Mtgal2 n rin eh, mnsan nanga2musta. Ano b kylngn mo sa knya?”
ME: “Bsta, un p din ba no. nia?"
HER: “ E2 oh… 0905………. Txt mo nlng cia”


I looked at the number, froze for a moment, think deeply, pause, and a hard whack cut the middle of my chest – THE NUMBER LOOKS SO FAMILIAR. At no second thought, I knew it! This is the number texting him gazillion times before. I immediately opened up a chitty chat, still acting as if I was him.

There you go; I discerned things I never thought would exist. Later did I know, I was floating around, with mixed emotion and a heavy stomach. Shocked, confused. This simple text message could explain where I’m coming from….

EX: “Alam mo, until now hindi ko pa rin alam bkit tau naghiwalay last april. 2 yrs na sana tau sa aug 19. Ndi ko alam ano ngawa ko, ni ayaw mo na makipag-usap ng personal….”

Alright, if that brought you confusion, let me put a little detail on it. *sigh*

Me and my boyfriend started hanging out early September 2007, and were formally together on the 28th of October 2007. The girl was claiming they broke up April 2008, which means we are sharing a guy for SIX MONTHS in a row……

***it’s not ending up here, just want to check responses, wait until I tell the other half of the story. Especially the meet up between him, her, and me. *wink*


jei an™ said...

this is my first post... hope someone will find it interesting.. feel free to leave some comments. thanks!

Sakristan™ said...

perhaps it wasn't really a "sharing thing".or perhaps it really was.

in my opinion, i think it was just a misunderstanding. in your part or theirs, but the thing is, this story isn't concluded as of yet. a number of factors could be behind this. a number of loop holes.

Take for instance, on first thought, you two may be sharing a guy and the two of you don't know it.

on second thought, the other girl might know it, but then, you don't.

or perhaps, they really broke up mid September yet, it was formally in April 2008.

it's like a reverse case of "kayo na, kaso d nya lang alam" so it might be really a case of "hindi na kami, d niya lang alam" if you know what i mean. *grin*

Leaving a cellphone to a loved one, either intentional or unintentional is a big thing. Intentionally, it means trust. no further explanations needed. unintentionally means, well, is simply means he forgot it. *grin*

Let's just review things here. He's with you. You're with him. She's not around anymore. (erase this paragraph, its so rude)

Ask your guy the truth. some truths will hurt of course but most of the times, it clears away doubts, it regains trust and over all, it promotes love.

jei an™ said...

that's a really nice thing to say - of course, from a point of view of a man... *sigh* i don't know if it's a gender-to-gender basis how people look at different perspective.. i'll do the second part hoping it'll not be a one-sided story.. haha.. really love your response. thanks!

Anonymous said...

martyr ka talaga...

u always had a choice alam mo nga sa sarili mo na niloloko ka.. still pa blind effect ka.. as if sinasabi mo sa sarili na kaya mo.. kelan ba ang tamang oras..NGAYON NA! y wait for bukas if ull make it today..

everyone deserve to be happy... kung kaya mong masaktan cge.. at the end kaw pa rin masusunod..

your's truly

si xtian

Roland said...

hindi pa ko makabuo ng "comments" kasi hindi pa kumpleto yung "picture" sa mind ko dahil incomplete din ang entry mo.

i want to hear the whole story before jumping into conclusion... not saying this kasi lalaki rin ako... but it would be unfair to the guy without knowing his side.

tnx for dropping in my blog.

Jeffro said...

reply from my blog:
thx, hehehehe xD

Anonymous said...

well.. i think ur man can only solve dis problem.. if he really wants to be with you, den he will do something.. and 1 more thing, no offense, but i dunno if ur man is telling the truth same thing bout the girl.. so i cant tell hus rong or right!

-Bren Lajara