At around 5:00 pm, my boyfriend arrived and was stupefied on how I looked, even asked if I was sick or something. As my hair cover my face, still managed to mock with a pallid prose, I begun telling things that I found out. The angelic sweetness of his face suddenly flushed with skepticism – it’s as if he’s been hit by a large fist and knocked out in the floor face first. *sigh*

What would you expect? Of course, he’s the king of denial. Everything I figured out in my own ways is not true—unless I have the evidences. It’s like the normal justice system; the culprit is still a suspect, if not proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Good thing everything’s in blue print.

It’s almost 6pm; I need to move as quickly as possible. I’m not going to go out that way – looking like hell. I fixed myself, did a bit of makeup (eyebrows, lines, all that yada yada), had my hair done and presto, I’m good to go.

Before we leave, I was even gutsy to ask: “Natatakot ka ba?” He looked shaken but egoistically replied: “Wala akong dapat ikatakot.” *uh huh yeah right*

We’re on the way on a taxicab heading to Robinson’s Ermita. I glanced at him looking barefaced and uninterested. I was calm at that time, I need to stay focused and before I knew it, we’re already there.

The meet-up is in Starbucks- 1st floor, Robinson’s Ermita. I told him to sit there and wait for his ex to get there. I was out looking for ladies room when I saw a girl who consequently sat next to my boyfriend. Though I haven’t flushed off the toxins out my body, I immediately went to their spot and introduced myself: “Hi, I’m Jen”. The girl looked stunned and pissed, of course she’s not anticipating me to be there, all the while he thought she’s texting her ex boyfriend.

FYI: The girl already knew that his ex has a gf and still agreed with the meet up. When I’m texting her pretending to be the ex, I sort of told her I would like to fix the glitch. (Oh yes, I’m a witch). **

I sat there, sipped my Chocolate Cream Frappe and started talking: “Hindi ako nakipagmeet sa’yo para makipag-away, I just want to clear things, we both deserve to know the truth..

The girl glanced at me and said: “Kung may problema kayo, wag n’yo ko idamay..

Though I’m really tempered at that time, I managed to put a fake smile and kind of made a reverse psychology so the conversation went on and on. The girl was still claiming they’re still together until April 2008. And this would be my bf’s response:

Aug 2007 nakipagbreak na ko sa’yo, ayaw mo lang. Alam mo yun, sinabi ko sa’yo yun ng maliwanag. After ng anniversary yun dba. Nagkikita lang naman tayo pag pumupunta ka sa’min kasi iniinvite ka nina mommy.Friends na lang tayo. Nung April tinext ulit kita, kasi nagkakaaway na kami ni Jen, sinabi ko na tama na, kasi nagugulo mo na kami. Nilinaw ko lang pero last year pa tayo nagbreak. Alam mo yan..

Still, the girl was telling me it was a lie:

Girl: “Sige nga, kung hindi na tayo, bakit nandun ako sa birthday mo, ng tita mo, ng mommy mo, fiesta nyo, bagong taon, sige nga?

Boy: “Malay ko sa’yo, eh pumupunta ka eh. Sina mommy nga nag-iinvite sa’yo dba?...

Well, I’m just so effin’ confused about the bumps of their stories. My head’s floating with questions. I really don’t know who to believe and how will I be able to resolve this matter. I truly admit, at first, I’m not serious about “what we have”. We all know the rule: “Never get attached to a person you meet in a club, you never know…” But, it’s still not a logical reason to have two girlfriends at the same time (if that would be the case). And call it pride or whatever but I really CAN”T ACCEPT that I AM THE THIRD PARTY. *sucks*

--- I’m open for ideas, anything that would help me clear my mind would be greatly appreciated. I’m still willing to tell specific details of the story if necessary. *wink*


nahj12 said...

aww... ouch talaga to girl.. one thing i can say.. i may not be in the situation.. but ive been to a similar scenario.. call me martyr.. but what i did, i let go of the guy.. kahit mapilit yung ex... just imagine.. 6 months is still 6 months. just my point of view.. ang tamaan .. wag magalit. i understand your point of view with you being the 2nd one as how it appears..but the thing is.. you didnt even know.. if you want to give him a chance.. that is all up to you.. but one thing is.. once is enough.. if he does it again.. ay.. iba na yon.. just my opinion.. peace out :)

jei an™ said...

yeah ryt... ive heard different opinions nga... other says obvious na lying ung guy s kin.. other says, ndi nya kayang gawin un... haha... sure thing is, im stuck in the situation....