memories of the past p1.

Whenever I look back, I thought things should've been better if I made right choices, if I chose love over hatred, joy over pride. If I've been determined enough or if I gave my best shot. But I know wishful thinking are just shadows of the past. Time will never stop or go back. And maybe, things are meant to happen.

I remember the first time I fell in love. He practically introduced me to the real world. The very first guy who made me realize how special I am, and how to live life to the fullest. He made me see things that are barely noticeable, and I was so contented with the life I have knowing he's always there to be my other half.

There has been a lot of up's and down's in our relationship, as normal couples encounter. I was way too jealous about his ex-girlfriends, he has been protecting me too much and it made me hard to breathe. There are a lot of differences, all this, and all that. Still, at the end of the day, we shared i love you's.

Everything seemed to be perfect, until I was encouraged to explore the other side of the world.

I joined the pep squad. I was so enthusiastic at that time since it'll be my first time to be in a cheering squad plus I'd get the chance to meet new friends in our college, and new.... boys.

Being in a squad will reap all of your strength. Practice is hell, and you'll sweat like a dog. But we'll all end the day with a smile knowing we have accomplished something, that's a really good feeling.

I also met this guy in the squad who's really eager to court me despite knowing I have a boyfriend. He keeps on saying: "Ok lang naman sa 'kin yun..". He really annoys me whenever he intrudes in my classes. My friends often tells me: "Andyan si stalker mo" *sigh*

It was a normal day then when I received a text message from an unknown sender. I replied asking who he is. Seconds passed and he replied. To my disbelief, the name that flashed in the screen clearly stated the name of my crush.

OMG. That's all I have to say.

Well, this guy, represents our college in the pageant. He's an eye catcher. He's basically all that. *wink*

We had a long conversation through sms. Both of us are in a relationship, and we knew it. He's actually forcing me to like his friend - the stalker. I don't know what came to me but I manage to utter a half meant joke.... "alam mo, hindi ko tlga gus2 c ...., if given a chance, ikaw pa gu2s2hin ko.. joke.. haha =p"

To my disbelief, this was his response: "di nga? pero alam mo, kung ndi ka lang gus2 ni ...., wla kang bf at wla lang akong gf, liligawan kita.."

I thought this was just a joke so I replied.. "Alam mo, qng ndi ln aq gus2 ng friend mo, wla aqng bf, at niligawan mko, sasagutin kita"

then he said: "kita tayo sa school bukas"

I was so freaking scared at that time, I honestly don't know what to do. I keep on texting him there wasn't any response. I was just so frightened about what might happen. I also felt a little pinch of guilt when I thought about my bf.

Day after, I was in school, I saw him at the corner of my eye and pretended i did not. Suddenly, I received a text message from him saying "niloloko mo lang ata ako kahapon". I didn't respond.

Days passed, he still sms me, I'm always responsive on his sms but I don't talk to him personally. I feel so guilty about everything. Until one day I needed to attend a party.

At around 8 pm, I attended the birthday party of my friend, who happens to be a common friend of everyone including my crush and the stalker. I was just so pissed because the latter keeps on following me wherever I go. I was so annoyed and frustrated then my crush came to me and said "tara dun tayo"

I knew, this would be hard.
We had a conversation, it's like this.

HIM: "Iniiwasan mko sa schl?"
ME: "Ndi, bc lang tlga.."
HIM: "Ano na ba tayo? Alam mo kaya ko nmn ciang iwan para sa'yo. Alam mo nmng ndi nko masaya sa kanya eh"

ME: "Ano ka ba nmn antagal2 nio na, 3 yrs na kau magttwo yrs na kmi ng bf ko"
HIM: "wla nmn sa tagal yan eh, kaya kong gawin un para sa'yo"
ME: "Ndi kc tama, madami tayong masasagasaan"
HIM: "ganun tlga, pag-icpan mo.."

Then he left me. Confused.

---to be continued.


ka bute said...

a friend of mine always keeps on telling me this, "lahat ng bago nakakaaliw." just a thought.. (--.)